Our mission is clear

Create an innovative glocal economic system

The story of FairCoin

We organise FairCoin global online meetings, virtual network meetings and physical local hub meetings.

FairCoin Event
Our Team

We are a small team united by a common passion, to make a better world. Most of us come from long adventures and experiences that have made us think in such a way that we want to do our bit, and we are all very passionate about solving real problems of users in this space.

Albert Isern Alvarez
Pablo Gomez Prieto
Ton Soteras
Public Relations Officer
Harsha Sarath
Product Analyst & Growth Marketer
Alex Gomez
Blockchain Developer
Oriol Gonzalez
Public Relations Officer
Laurenzo Overlee
Technical Writer
Bek Brace
Software Engineer
Abigail Castro Flores
Community Manager
Our Values

Our diverse team stays united with a set of shared values and practices. These deep-set beliefs keep us focused on meaningful collaborations in working towards realising a reality where every individual has a fair chance at succeeding in the world economy.

Team First

We follow an all-for-one, one-for-all philosophy, where we value the feedback and perspective of every member. The success of FairCoin requires mutual understanding fueled by strong teamwork and commitment toward a shared vision.

No Ego

We firmly believe in the concept that there is no "I" in teamwork. As with decentralized economies and the Defi movement, FairCoin thrives on the collective over individual agendas and pursuits.

Work should be fun

Our passion for building a revolutionary economy is never a chore. We dedicate ourselves to innovating and sharing creative ideas, learning, and growing as a cohesive unit. Our team prioritises a fun and positive atmosphere where we embrace every idea and opportunity.

No more, no less

We believe that moderation is critical in creating our best work. Our team believes in striking a work-life balance where individuals have the freedom and power to live life to the fullest while advancing the FairCoin vision.

Creativity & fun

We do not subscribe to the notion that a straight line is the fastest route between two points. Our team challenges the norms, constantly innovating to do things better, faster, and bolder.

Mental & physical health

Our team identifies wellness as a necessary prerequisite for functioning at 100%. We consistently encourage members to maintain healthy lifestyles to stay alert, motivated, and energetic to do their best work. FairCoin takes an open-door approach to mental well-being, giving each member the space and support required to manage their challenges.

No obligations

We will never force our team to act or decide against their will, beliefs, or comfort level. Mutual trust and understanding lie at the core of what we do in our journey towards establishing a fair economy.

Always your best

Our team strives for excellence in every aspect of furthering the FairCoin mission. We believe in promoting a conducive environment where each contributor has the support and resources to provide quality results and outcomes with their unique talents.

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